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I think the learning that I brought to this project would be working with the placement of people and a touch of working with abstract in the past. I think you would be able to see it when I got the idea with oil and ink, as well as getting the placement of Nikko and Masooma. I really did enjoy working with people for this project and in general really. I think something new I learned when doing this project would be in the editing process. for the two Arabian themed photos, I learned more about enhancing the shadows as well as blending the hard shadows into the background. I think it was extremely fun to work with that type of technique. I think you would be able to see the blending technique in Nikko’s photo by himself, as well as the two of them together. I think the learning i’m taking forward would be the new editing techniques and how I was able to project patterns and make someone 2D into 3D. I could take this learning forward when I do the portraying ego project.


Negative Space


I had previous learning on photography. I was pretty familiar with the exposer, f-stop etc. about the camera. Another aspect of this project that I previously knew about was the negative space. I knew about that whole idea, but not until I finished the project I knew how to properly apply he concept. I think you can see this in especially the hand and light photo. Something new that I learned was basically to learn how to apply negative space in a photograph when that is the main focus. I think you would be able to see then when you are getting caught up in the negative space and try to figure out what that dark space is. The learning I am taking away from this is how to manipulate negative space into positive space. I could always try to apply this in my perspective project. Even though it would be hard it could still always be done.