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Action Figure Project

  • 1) What learning did you bring to this project?  How/where can I see this?
    • Even though I wasn’t able to finish the project, it was definitely one that I had to put in all my efforts just to make it look halfway decent. I didn’t bring any previous learning to this project as I had no prior knowledge of working with wire or sculpt a mold. I believe I actually did well and I am really proud of the work I was able to accomplish in the short time I had. I feel like you would be able to see the learning I was able to develop within the sculpture itself, because I know it’s not perfect but there are some good componants that I believe are really well done.
  • 2) What is something new that you learned? How/where can I see this?
    • I feel that I learned everything that had to do with this project. I did have a lot of fun getting the project to where it is and I hope to finish it in the next week. I feel like I really stepped up my game when it comes to working with wire because that was completely out of my comfort zone, but I feel like I was able to make it work as the figure actually didn’t look that bad. I feel like you would be able to see this one the first picture and how I was starting out the figure with the torso and legs and slowly working my way up. Finally, the sculpt a most was something that I never really worked with before, but I feel like I got the hang of it quickly.
  • 3) What learning are you taking forward?  How will you try to apply this
    • The learning that I am taking forward from this project has to mainly do with how to construct a figure. I’m sure I will need to use this somewhere else in life as I am going to art school, so I think it was important for me to test the waters and see how constructing figures went. Other learning that I am taking forward from not only this project but the class as a whole, is how to build objects into something that can be very creative and beautiful.

Portraying My Ego

heavy shopper.jpg



bags upon bags.jpg


I feel that the learning I was able to bring to this project was prior knowledge of working with people. To me they are honestly the funnest pieces of art to work with because people do the best job of portraying an emotion that you want the viewer to potentially feel. You would be able to see the in the placement of the person in the photograph. You should always have the right proportions when taking a photo of a person. Something new that I learned was the editing techniques that I learned while in the editing process with these photos. I was able to bring prior knowledge as well as newly taught things to the table. You would be able to see this in the gradient maps and curves that I have used throughout all the photos. Last but not least the learning that I am taking forward would be the new adaptations that I could make through the editing process as well as the deepening of colors and shadows in a photo. Next semester I want to try and apply this as much as possible when taking more advanced photography as well as in AP next year.



In previous projects from last year, I had some experience with different perspectives of the camera. I did have some experience with ariel view, ants view etc., but I also learned about new perspectives like 1 point or 2 point perspective. I had a lot of fun with finding new and interesting ways to look at every day ordinary projects. I think you would be able to see this by looking at how I refined my technique with the different photos I had shot. Somewhere in my photos that you could see the new aspects of perspective that I learned would be when Hyun was looking into the mirror telling a story with only his hands and face. I feel like a lot of the photos I take this year are just expanding my horizons beyond what I thought I could do. I will defiantly take all of these aspects of perspective forwards when I head into AP 2D art.