Cardboard Project


  • 1) What learning did you bring to this project?  How/where can I see this?
    • I didn’t really have a lot of learning when it came to this project so it was definitely a first for me. I feel like the one piece of learning that I did bring was the fact that I knew how to work with cardboard in some ways but I did learn a lot of new things during the duration of the project.  I feel like you would be able to see this in the way I was able to come up with different shapes and ideas for each layer of the project.
  • 2) What is something new that you learned? How/where can I see this 
    • I think the one thing that I did learn while doing this project was how to work with different strings and the glue gun for sure. My biggest obstacle with this project was, of course, the glue gun, I was always trying to find the best way to use in and make use of just a little dot of glue rather than a large one. I think you would be able to see everything that I learned in how I was able to paste all of the different pieces on and how they were initially cut out.
  • 3) What learning are you taking forward?  How will you try to apply this?
    • I think the learning that I am taking forward from this project is how to construct something that is completely abstract and how not having the urge to make the project into an actual object. I needed to use a lot of creativity during this project which I think I did because It was hard for me to try and think of different components for the project and how I would make the end product look.

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