Textured Container


1) What learning did you bring to this project?  How/where can I see this?

  • Honestly I didn’t bring much learning to this project because I didn’t have much knowledge on how clay really worked. But I feel that something I did come into the class knowing was that you had to work around the clay’s mood and what it wants to do. I think that you can see this in the first picture where the mold is still sitting around the tube, trying to harden.

2) What is something new that you learned? How/where can I see this?

  • Something new that I learned while working through this project was trying to add texture to clay containers as well and assembling containers. I had a lot of fun assembling and adding texture once I got the hang of it. I think you would be able to see this added texture within the indentions of the pot. I took a textured scraper and just circled the pot multiple times making sure I had deep enough indentions on all sides of the pot to where I was happy with it.

3) What learning are you taking forward?  How will you try to apply this?

  • The learning that I’m taking forward is the complete process of making pots out of cylinder molds and making boxes. I had a bit of a rough start because I was still trying to understand how to roll out clay and how to make sure I got it on the cylinder mold without ruining the slap. I will definitely apply these techniques from this project to future projects. I also applied my learning for my formatives and summative to a pot that i’m making for fun.

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