Garden Design

Garden Design: unnamed-9.jpg


Areas worked in: 

I dug out the saw grass, planted aloe, saw grass, mother tongues, filled the wire spirals with rocks, and worked on the ceramic labels.

unnamed-4.jpg unnamed-8.jpg unnamed-5.jpg unnamed-6.jpgunnamed-2.jpgunnamed-7.jpg

Learning Reflection: 

I believe I learned a lot through this experience. All the tasks that I was assigned was something new, because I didn’t have any previous knowledge of planting or digging up plants. I was very interested in learning how to plant the multiple plants that are in the garden now, because I never really understood how to work through the cycle of digging up the plants, making sure the roots were safe and not struck and cut off. Then I would learn how to plant all the plants making sure I had the necessary soil and water needed for them to sprout and flourish in the new garden. All in all it was a really goo experience, because I’m leaving the class with a new found knowledge of not only planting a garden but also drawing out the plan.

Self Scoring

1) Creative Cycle end in mind

  • I feel that I was on task all of the times that I was working on everything involving the garden, starting with the scale designs to actually planting everything we intended to. I feel that there were some times that I wasn’t working as hard as I could, but I was still getting everything done on time, and making sure I was on time to class, whether it be going straight to the garden and getting down to work, or going to the classroom.

2) Uses and takes care of resources and equipment responsibly (e.g., safety with lab or sports’ equipment, digital  citizenship, care of textbooks, etc…)

  • I think I took care of the equipment well, I made sure not to throw the shovels and other tools we worked with as it could easily injure someone. I think that the resources we were given to work with, I took care of because I wasn’t being rough with anything. I always made sure I was being respectable to the tools, garden, and the people around me while working in the garden.

3) Actively seeks advice and/or feedback to enhance learning; communicates challenges

  • I think there were many points when I asked either Ms. Amy or Mr. Hansen for help if I was confused about something or if I needed help with planting something. I don’t think I complained to much about being in the heat, and I pushed through and made sure I had all the work I was set to do for that day, done. I think the only thing I really complained about was my feet in the sand, cause I’m really cautious about my shoes, so I ended just taking them off in the end and working.

4) Consistently comes to class with all necessary materials; materials (including digital) are organized

  • I think I came to class with the necessary materials that worked for me. I was fine taking off my shoes when we worked in the garden and with leaving my hoodie on. I honestly just compromised and took off my shoes, rolled up my sleeves, and rolled up my pants and I was good to go. I feel that I worked well with others, and I was able to get my job done for each day.



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