Portraying My Ego

heavy shopper.jpg



bags upon bags.jpg


I feel that the learning I was able to bring to this project was prior knowledge of working with people. To me they are honestly the funnest pieces of art to work with because people do the best job of portraying an emotion that you want the viewer to potentially feel. You would be able to see the in the placement of the person in the photograph. You should always have the right proportions when taking a photo of a person. Something new that I learned was the editing techniques that I learned while in the editing process with these photos. I was able to bring prior knowledge as well as newly taught things to the table. You would be able to see this in the gradient maps and curves that I have used throughout all the photos. Last but not least the learning that I am taking forward would be the new adaptations that I could make through the editing process as well as the deepening of colors and shadows in a photo. Next semester I want to try and apply this as much as possible when taking more advanced photography as well as in AP next year.


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