4 Way Composition

Color Tint 

Featured image

Selective Color

Featured image

Color Wash 

Featured image

Black And White 

Featured image


How I made these pictures I used the Gradient Map as my starting aspect. Starting at the black and white picture, I started with the gradient map. Then what I did was I played around with the contrast along with the curve and the brightness. I was able to make the lines on the rug sharper and more blurred by making the whites a little lighter and the darks a bit darker. For the selective color I started out with the gradient map as well, so I turned the picture black and white. Next I added the paintbrush and painted over the selected area I wanted. For the color wash I lowered the opacity so that the colors in the rug were less vibrant and more dimmed down. And lastly for the color tint, I started out with Gradient Map again and picked which color I think would look good against the rug and lowered the intensity of the color so it looked more natural.


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