The Shadows 

Featured image

Candle Lit 

Featured image

Colors Upon Colors 

Featured image

The View Through The Dinosaur

 Featured image

The Color of Life 

Featured image

The Look of Chains 

Featured image

Copy of the Shore 

Featured image

With Sticks and Nuts 

Featured image

Craft of Nature 

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When I first started out with this project, I tried to find object that would fit the assignment. A lot of the pictures that I chose for my final product are flowers. I thought about how these flowers were amazing and very detailed. First learning about depth of field was interesting because, remembering back to looking at pictures that were really similar I always wondered how the photographer made that effect appear. So I finally went out and started experimenting with the different object as well as taking as many pictures of something at different angles so I have a variety to choose from. But that was only one type of composition we learned. We also learned about something light on a dark background as well as a dark object on a light background. So I also tried experimenting with those types of photos as well. Over all I found this project to be really fun and I personally feel like I am improving the way I take photographs slowly. For me its always interesting to scout out different areas to take some good pictures and to see if they work well.


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