Lines and Shapes

The Light From Beneath

Featured image


Featured image

Vibrant Leaves

Featured image

Mile Long Shadow

Featured image

Lines in the Sky

Featured image

Color upon Color

Featured image

The Burj’s Lines

Featured image

Cluttered with Clouds

Featured image

As the Sun Goes Down

Featured image

Line After Line

Featured image

When first trying to get my camera to work properly was a challenge. But as the few days of the semester went by, I was able to work with my camera, as if we were partners. My first few photos were taken at the Jumeriah Beach Hotel. I wanted to try and capture a bright and vibrant photo, which would be covered with lines and shapes. It’s granted that the beach has plenty of lines and shapes. I next took some pictures inside that house at night to capture a dark look, which if I needed to, I could lighten them up with the exposure option. I also wanted to capture some pictures in the house during the day, where it wouldn’t be to bright nor to dark. Lastly what I did was take some pictures at school so that I could capture the amazing architecture that was given to us on campus. I took many pictures of the same object so I could try and capture something different every single time. I ended up picking the best photo which I think would have made a bigger impact to the viewer. I really enjoyed this assignment, because I was able to go around to different places in Dubai and capture something different each time. I tried to take pictures at different times of the day as well so I could have a variety of pictures to choose from.


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